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Tigray Interim Administration Extends Salary Arrears Moratorium for Six More Months

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The Tigray Region Interim Administration has announced a six-month extension on the moratorium regarding the arrears of salaries for government and private company employees in the region. This decision comes as part of ongoing efforts to address the unpaid wages issue that has persisted for the past twenty-five months.

Originally imposed from October 2013 until November 2015 Ethiopian calendar (equivalent to October 2020 to November 2022 Gregorian calendar), the moratorium was intended to provide time for investigation and resolution of the salary arrears. However, according to a letter signed by Mr. Reda, the President of the Interim Administration, the embargo has been extended for another six months to allow further time for a conclusive solution.

The extension was requested by the Industry and Finance Bureaus, which have been actively involved in investigating the issue and working on budget solutions. The Industry Bureau provided a report detailing the research conducted thus far, while the Finance Bureau outlined the ongoing efforts to address the budget constraints related to the salary arrears.

The letter emphasized that the decision to extend the moratorium was made to ensure a thorough and fair resolution to the problem. Employees affected by the salary arrears will have to wait an additional six months as the interim administration continues to work towards a final resolution.

This move highlights the challenges faced by the Tigray region in stabilizing its financial and administrative functions amid broader efforts to restore normalcy and governance in the area.

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