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Ambassador Tibor Nagy Praises Ethiopian Airlines as the Best in the World

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Ethiopian Airlines has received high praise from Ambassador Tibor Nagy, former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs at the U.S. Department of State. Ambassador Nagy expressed his admiration for the airline in a recent social media post, lauding its exceptional standards and professional excellence.

In his message, Ambassador Nagy congratulated the 800 graduates from the Ethiopian Aviation University, highlighting the airline’s commitment to training and developing skilled professionals in the aviation industry. He mentioned his numerous visits to Ethiopian Airlines, during which he observed firsthand the airline’s dedication to excellence.

“From my experience, Ethiopian Airlines is the best airline in the world,” Ambassador Nagy stated, commending the airline’s outstanding performance and service quality.

This accolade from a respected diplomat underscores Ethiopian Airlines’ reputation as a leading carrier globally, known for its reliability, innovation, and exceptional customer service.

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