7 days ago

    I have received threats from bishops….. What is the truth behind Dr. Emebet’s speech?

    An old Christian dominion is resurging in Ethiopia today under Top state leader Abiy Ahmed. This old vision vows to…
    7 days ago

    I enjoy seeing people happy because of me

    Simply being around good individuals assist you with feeling a similar inclination. Furthermore, you will generally have more energy, and…
    1 week ago

    A Real Day in the Life of a Pastor

    “Pastor” has turned into a typical title for the individuals who direct our houses of worship, guide us profoundly, and…
    2 weeks ago

    Do celebrities still lie about their age? Here are some reactions When artists are asked their age…… Seifu on EBS

    Lots of celebrities, of all genders, have lied about their age (and admitted it!) whether that was to appear to…
    2 weeks ago

    Late artist Tariku Birhanu Baba last work “Wedaj” film opening ceremony

    Late artist Tariku Birhanu Baba work “Wedaj” film sent off. Baba’s mother touched the heart`s of partisipants at the launch…



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