3 hours ago

    Woman tattooed her eyeballs purple and blue

    I suppose that’s good news for those of us wanting to boost confidence—we can do it. But it’s important to…
    3 hours ago

    Ethiopia’s Richest Families

    Are you seeking some self-confidence? Self-confidence can help us more easily reach our goals, stay motivated, and even boost our…
    4 hours ago

    10 people with long body parts

    When the kidneys aren’t filtering properly, toxins stay in the blood rather than leaving the body through the urine. This…
    4 hours ago

    Fana Lamrot’s YalemWarik Jemberu wonderful performance.

    The Orthodox Church in Ethiopia was administratively part of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria from the first half of…
    5 hours ago

    If you have these 10 symptoms, rush to the doctor before your kidney is useless!!

    More than 37 million American adults are living with kidney disease and most don’t know it. “There are a number…



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