Woman tattooed her eyeballs purple and blue

I suppose that’s good news for those of us wanting to boost confidence—we can do it. But it’s important to keep an eye on the reasons why we want to achieve our goals. If we’re winning prizes, friends, and amassing other successes to try to convince ourselves that we are indeed ‘good enough’, we’re still not likely to feel very good.

So even though the technical definition of confidence may be more about our abilities than our self-views, my hunch is that you arrived at this article because you want to feel better about yourself—not just your abilities but your whole self. So for the remainder of this article, I’m going to blur the lines a bit between self-esteem and self-confidence.

The Ethiopian Nation, Nationalities and Peoples Day has been celebrated every year for sixteen years, with various slogans being formulated to take into account the current national situation. This year’s theme is “United National Unity for Lasting Peace!” It will be celebrated nationwide for the 17th time tomorrow, November 29, 2015.

The council said that we Ethiopians are the people of a great country with a rich culture and history, we are related by blood, we share the same culture and psychology, and we are the embodiment and symbol of diversity and national unity. Although the internal and external challenges that we face from time to time are many, complex and dynamic, we are a people who do not give in to the various current challenges that we face and do not easily fall victim to the traps of destructive forces.

For this reason, every Ethiopian citizen and every relevant body at every level has the responsibility to do their part for the lasting peace of the Ethiopian people, for the strengthening of national unity and for the prosperity of Ethiopia.

It is expected that the National Consultative Commission, which was established by the House of Representatives by decree, will create a chapter in history that will enable the differences in our country to be resolved through consultation and discussion, and for the creation of national understanding, rapprochement and listening. We must all do our part for success.

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