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What Types of Marriage are There in Ethiopia?

Polygamy has been abolished in Ethiopia in the family and criminal code of the country. However, the practice continued among some cultures, especially in the Islamic religion backgrounds. It is a sign of status for these areas. and they usually get married when the first wife likes the next. It is common in these areas and the Ethiopian wedding happens without further disagreement.

For foreigners and even for locals, you need one of thee. Passport or a local ID, birth certificate, a sworn certificate from your embassy that states you are not married, and or a decree absolute if you have been married before. Three witnesses should be present to oversee the process and sign the wedding certificate.

Churches and mosques give the certificate as well. Even if it is not done by the local government, the agreement at the church is usually held as binding.

Ethiopia wedding dress is usually white and resembles the western tradition. Usually, most brides choose the dress based on their features, therefore, the thinner she is the minimal the design. There are those who prefer to get married in traditional clothing. A decorated black coat over a cultural cloth. This saves money and is also traditional.

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