What happened to the celebrities?

Properties strange to the human are referred to his Divine powers as God shed blood, God was crucified, God died, and God was risen up for the saving of all men.

The seven sacraments Penance, baptism, unction of the sick, confirmation, holy orders, holy communion and matrimony are valuable in the teaching of the Ethiopia Orthodox Church.

Also, the Ethiopian Church preaches the five pillars of Mysteries in which the church is firmly grounded. These are the Mystery of the Trinity, Incarnation, Baptism, Holy Communion, and the Mystery of the Resurrection. These Mysteries are considered by the Church as basic knowledge for all and every Christian must understand these. Fasting is strictly obeyed by all baptized members of the church who are seven and above. During lent; any meat and products animals are forbidden.

Besides, all Christians must keep the Ten Commandments that were given to Moses from God and the six parables of the new testament in Matt. 25:35-36, to inherit eternal life in heaven. In the glorious second coming of Jesus Christ, the dead will be raised and sinners will receive punishment according to their sin. So, everyone is responsible for his/her own committed misdeed.

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