What do Ethiopian religious leaders say?

Remember that your children and teens learn by example. The best way to set a positive example for them is by placing high value on the family.

When you set aside special time for family fun and activities, you are demonstrating not only that you value the family, but that you value your children individually as well. There is no greater gift that you can give your family—and no better way to strengthen your family bonds—than by making your family a priority.
No one lives in a bubble. We are all part of a community, so be sure your family is building relationships with other families. Whether this is within your neighborhood, your school system, your church, or some other avenue, it is important that you spend time with other families as well.

Doing things together, with other families, will strengthen your own family bonds and help you see how your family members interact with others.
If your child is in sports, band, Scouts, or another school activity, provide support in some way. You don’t have to take on a leadership role if that’s not your style. Find a way to show your kids that you support what they are doing and want to assist them with their pursuits, whatever those may be.

If you are unsure of where you can help, ask your kids for their thoughts. Asking demonstrates that you care about the things they are interested in.

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