Truth of Veronica Adane

Much like Newton, Darwin’s radical thinking not only propelled the entire theory of evolution to the forefront of scientific exploration, but he also revealed the marvels and intrigues of the natural world to wider society through his epic, and highly dangerous, five year voyage across the world on HMS Beagle.

At a time when religion held a firm grip on societies the world over, Darwin’s theory of natural selection as set out in On the Origin of Species was deemed blasphemous and heretical. It took undeniable bravery, courage of his convictions and a great belief in the evidence he had uncovered to stand by a theory which, ultimately, formed the basis for much of modern biology.
The revered king of literature, Shakespeare’s writing grappled with and reflected the very nature of humankind. An actor, playwright and poet, his works changed the way in which people thought about themselves and contemporary society, thus changing the entire English speaking world forever.

And, if you’re wondering how relevant the works of nearly 500-year-old author whom many only read during English lessons can be to the modern world, there are hundreds of words and phrases coined by the bard still in everyday parlance. Ever used the sayings ‘catch a cold’ or ‘break the ice’? Then you’re quoting Shakespeare. We’d say that’s quite the legacy.

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