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Telosh is the second step in the Ethiopian wedding assemblage. Telosh is a bridal shower but more traditional and less pompous. This event is held two days before the main wedding ceremony. Like the shimglena the hosts are the bride’s household. This is where the bride is showered with lots of gifts from the groom’s family and all the guests attending.

Suppose the bride’s family wants the man and thinks of him as fitting for their daughter. In that case, they will give out their answers and say, “We agree to the bond” if they don’t want the marriage or are even a bit hesitant about the union, they will ask for another session of shimglena only to end up saying no. Depending on the answer, the food will be served but can only be enjoyed if the response is positive.

Everyone will clap and applaud as the endowments start flooding in. The bride will be; a traditionally adorned Gabi, hand-made bed mattress, a wedding gown, thousands of birr worth of jewelry richer than she was just a day ago.

The bride and her bridesmaids usually get together for a day of beauty treatments and dress fittings before the wedding. She receives beauty treatments, has her hair and make-up done, and picks out the perfect bridal gown. On the day of the wedding, her bridesmaids help her dress and make sure she is ready to walk down the aisle.

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