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This Is How He Uses Tomato!!

Botox treatment is an incredibly common procedure. Medically, it is excellent for treating some muscle disorders, reducing migraines and sweating, and even aiding with excretory disorders. Aesthetically, Botox is used to remove wrinkles, lines, and other marks by applying temporary paralysis over the muscles, especially on the face.

The use of Botox for aesthetic purposes is somewhat controversial, but it’s also very popular. Six million treatments of this kind are performed annually, more than any other non-surgical form of cosmetic treatment. So surely, the positive sides outweigh the negative sides – right?
But Botox treatment is a procedure that involves the use of toxins and can, in rare cases, causes dangerous medical complications. For those who want the anti-aging effects of Botox but without injecting potentially damaging chemicals into the body, there is a way to do so naturally. Here’s how to make a natural Botox with only three ingredients!

Botox is administered from a toxin called botulinum. A very, very small amount is used, but even a slight overdose can be deadly thanks to botulism, which is an illness that leads to respiratory failure. Just one gram of the substance can result in the deaths of more than one million. Just two kilograms could kill everyone living on earth today!

Still, we don’t want to scare you; Botox is, for the most part, quite safe as far as chemical treatments go. And most freak cases of Botox gone wrong actually occur in those who use it therapeutically or for medicinal purposes, so keep your positive thinking going! But it still carries a higher risk than more natural methods.

There’s also the issue of pain. Non-natural Botox treatments involve injections, which some may find quite painful. These injections will also cause some degree of bruising around the spots they were administered, and they take a couple of days to fade. Natural Botox methods do not cause these issues.

To top it all off, all types of Botox – whether natural or non-natural – are mostly temporary. Non-natural Botox has effects that only last up to six months, and no longer. This can lead people to repeatedly undergo Botox treatments again and again.

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