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This facial is made for those special event

Honey aids in pore opening, which makes it easier to remove dirt. Honey is very effective in both preventing and treating acne because it has antibacterial properties. Additionally, honey hydrates the skin and acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin. Milk and honey are a great combination to use if you want glowing skin. Although milk and honey body treatments are popular in spas, you do not have to visit one to benefit from this skin miracle. Here is a quick recipe you can make at home to treat both your skin and yourself to some serious pampering! Although lavender itself is calming to irritated and dry skin, the lavender buds used in this recipe are primarily for aromatherapy. Additionally, lavender contains antioxidants that help prevent aging and contribute to glowing skin, just like honey does. The needs of your skin can be met by adjusting this mask. Your options for the final addition are coffee, almonds, or oats. If you want a mild, purifying mask that calms the skin, go with oats. Saponins are a type of naturally occurring chemical found in oats. Many plants contain saponins, which are added to cosmetics to increase foaminess. This foamy quality lifts and removes dirt. Additionally, oats soften and exfoliate.

Since Cleopatra’s time, milk and honey have been used in cosmetic procedures. She is renowned for taking milk and honey baths to maintain the beauty of her skin. This might have been the key to breaking the hypnotic spell cast by one of history’s most wanted women. What benefits do milk and honey have for skin? Both have antimicrobial qualities, so when combined they make a fantastic skin cleanser. Alpha-hydroxy acids, like the lactic acid in milk, naturally consume dead skin cells.

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