The Untold Love Life of Artist Halima

In the ancient city of Yeha, there still stands today a well-preserved temple which is directly dedicated to the Sabaean god Almouqah.

The temple is rectangular with a double wall and a single door. Another similar temple which is in ruins can be found in Hawlti-Melazo, which is close to the city of Axum.

A temple built to honor the god Aries exists in the city of Axum, itself.

Alters were also common in the ancient past and they exist in various places throughout. Kaskasse, a town close to Methara, has an alter dedicated to the Sabaean god Sin.
Ethiopia is home to about 13 million children under 5 years of age – approximately 16 per cent of the total population of 96 million. By 2050, Ethiopia will have 58 million children under 18 years (6% of Africa).

Among fastest growing economies in the world. GDP increased from about 8 billion USD in 2000 to more than 70 billion USD in 2017. However, per capita income remains low at USD 783. Ethiopia is at high risk of climate-related shocks, including droughts and disease outbreaks. Over 80 per cent of the population resides in rural areas and is dependent on rain-fed agriculture. Despite strong economic growth, 25 million people – 26 per cent of the population – live below the national poverty line, which in Ethiopia is calculated at US$0.60 per day.

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