The tragic life of a young woman who became a wheelchair user due to a medical error

Moreover, children living in families with constant quarrels between parents can cause the child to think he or she may somehow be responsible for all the problems and end up in self condemnation. When the child grows up, he or she lands up being a timid person, unable to face the world with confidence.

The Amhara and Tigray communities of Ethiopia’s northern and central highlands have traditionally been the church’s most devoted followers, and the church’s religious forms and values have dominated Amhara society. The Ethiopian Orthodox church was proclaimed the country’s state church under the Amhara-dominated Ethiopian monarchy, and it was a bulwark of Emperor Haile Selassie I’s regime.

The Orthodox Church in Ethiopia was disbanded in 1974, shortly after the country’s monarchy was abolished and socialism was instituted. The church was deprived of its large landholdings and its patriarch was executed. Despite being put on an equal footing with Islam and other religions in the region, the church remained Ethiopia’s most powerful religious body.
Sexual abuse during childhood years can result in lack of self-confidence in adulthood. Several children facing sexual abuse become shy and withdrawn. They do not want anybody to know what is happening to them, so they avoid making friends and remain aloof. The wounds caused by sexual and child abuse leave marks on their lives, which when left unresolved results in low self-esteem in the adulthood. Moreover, family with history of alcohol, drug abuse, etc. are also seen to result in children with low self-esteem.
Priests administer worship services and perform exorcisms; deacons assist in the services; and debtera, who, though not ordained, perform music and dance associated with church services and also act as astrologers, fortune-tellers, and healers, are all members of the priesthood. Ethiopian Christianity incorporates pre-Christian beliefs of benevolent and malevolent spirits and imps with Christian notions of saints and angels.

The Hebrew Bible is given a lot of coverage (Old Testament). Furthermore, the church accepts a larger corpus of scripture that contains apocalyptic scriptures including the First Book of Enoch. Circumcision is almost uniformly practiced; some devout believers observe the Saturday Sabbath (in addition to Sunday); an ark is an important object in every church, and strict fasting is still practiced.

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