The tourist started a new love when she went on a tour

We immediately faced economic, mental, social and family problems.

We realised then how important a father is in children’s lives; he’s a living house for his children, in which children feel safe by living there.

Now we had only one way. Move forward with strength. But this life is not so easy because there are many times when different problems arise in life, and you need your family’s help a lot.

And nothing can be worse for a family when you beg like the poor for help from your own family.

And above all, what makes it even worse when you know that those people who were given the support, sympathy and ability from your home in their worst times are not helping you.

Here, I am talking about my exterior family members – my uncles, aunts and cousins.

It wasn’t even 12 days since our dad died, and my family members even asked for ₹20 ($.27) they had spent during his funeral days.
The one who supports you in sorrow is family in a real sense because, in happiness, you have many neighbours, friends, and relatives to stand with you.

But, in desperation, you shy away from taking help from your friends and neighbours; you feel uncomfortable. Then your family becomes your anchor, holds you tight and doesn’t let you slip away in heavy tides.

However, if your family does not support you in grief, you must take help from your friends, neighbours and relatives because it is sorrow that makes you recognize your loved ones in the real sense.

It is the sadness that tells you the importance of family; that shows you the real faces of your family members. Bad times only determine how much your family understands you. How much they care for you.

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