The sudden death of the federal judge and the reason

Child-saving movement has got birth in the nineteenth century where those legislation that protect the child rights has developed in different parts of the Western world (Rai,ND: 3). Moreover, as a consequences of the II World War an agreement was reached affirming that the protection of rights is an international concern and it was contended that all individuals are allowed to acquire basic human dignity by virtue of their humanity and that certain human rights are universal and fundamental. Thus, they should not and cannot be violated by cultural and religious traditions. This resulted UDHR. However, for the rights of children were implicitly addressed many contended as the special needs of children justified an additional separate document. As a result, on its formation after the II World War the UN accepted the’ Declaration of Geneva’, which is developed by the International Save the Children Union in 1923 and restructured the declaration in 1959 (Webb, 2014:1).

The unquestioned supposition that children could and should depend upon the sole protection of adults to make sure the exercise of their rights was reflected in the 1924 DRC and continued to be reflected in the1959 DRC as well as in many of the public and private international law Conventions enacted in the 1900’s and in the first half of the 1970’s

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