The sad life of a woman who is saddened by the death of her husband

He should only let go of his bad traits and become a better version of himself, not become another version of himself entirely. You need to learn to correct your partner gently with love, and support him through the process of changing as opposed to making him into who he isn’t.

It’s okay to get a little bit jealous once in a while, I mean, we all do. But what isn’t okay is when your jealousy begins to consume your every action. You need to learn not to feel insecure or freak out every time you see your man with another woman or you see a woman around your man.

Your partner will definitely have female friends, family and colleagues so you must learn to trust him and not act like a bitter, possessive girlfriend or wife. Jealousy causes a lot of damage in relationships. It may even lead you to do or say hurtful things to your partner that you would end up regretting or that might even put an end to the relationship.

So, ladies, to control your jealousy, trust your partner and stop being overly possessive.

Everyone likes to have some form of privacy, thoughts and time to themselves. Men especially don’t like to talk about their problems, they would rather keep it to themselves and work it out. Understand when your partner wants to be left alone and respect it. In fact, give him space sometimes and use that time to also work on yourself.

Don’t try to pressure him into talking if he doesn’t want to or be too clingy to him. Even when you go out together to a party or something like that, don’t try to watch him like a hawk or be by his side at every second.

Give him some breathing space and time to himself. You both were separate individuals before you became a couple and you definitely have things that you do individually. Give yourselves time for such things. You both should be able to have some personal time and space to yourselves (without it becoming a big deal!).

In 95% of the cases, how you looked the first time your partner saw you was what attracted him to talk to you. This proves a valid point as to why you should not relent on looking good at any point in your relationship, even in marriage.

Most women tend to cut back on their physical appearance once they have stayed in a relationship for a long while forgetting that “looking good is good business”. There is a joy that a man feels knowing that his woman is desirable and pleasing to the eye. Don’t forget that he also sees lots of other women out there who are putting on their “A Game” in appearance.

Clean up nice, put on beautiful and fitting clothes, put on a bright smile, be yourself and be happy.

Trust is a very essential part of every relationship. One of the mistakes that women make in relationships without even realizing it is not building enough trust or breaking the trust of their partner in them.

You must constantly work on building your partner’s trust in you and leave no room for doubts. Give him straightforward answers if he asks you questions that may suggest that he’s doubting you. Don’t do things that would make you look suspicious of lying or infidelity.

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