The popular artist who was Baba’s wife says this about the situation

The earliest Ethiopian literary works are in Geʿez and are mostly Christian religious writings. Between the 7th and 13th centuries, political instability in the region led to a suppression of the literary scene. In the 13th century, following the establishment of the Solomonid dynasty, the Geʿez literature was revived. The published works produced during this time also had religious themes. Between the 16th and the 18th centuries, Amharic written literature was also published in Ethiopia. Modern, contemporary literary works came to the scene from 19th century onwards. Christian paintings and stone reliefs are the earliest forms of Ethiopian art. Sculpting and wood carving are popular in the lowlands.

Do yourself a favor and get to know the other person before you have sex with them to ensure they are a good match with your values, vision for your future and don’t possess any of your deal-breaker qualities.

Mistake #5: Not asking for help.
While it is true that single women are more likely to reach out for dating and relationship support than single men, many still don’t.

Why is that? I believe it is because too many of us believe love is something that should “just happen.” Love, like anything else in your life that you want to succeed at, requires time, attention, effort, and commitment.
The music and dance heritage of Ethiopia reflects the diversity of cultures residing in the country. The music is generally less rhythmic and more reed and string-based than that in other parts of Africa. Some of the common traditional musical instruments used to produce Ethiopian music are the krar (a six-stringed lyre), negarit (a kettle drum), washint (a simple flute), etc. In the urban areas, hip-hop, jazz, pop, and other forms of contemporary music are more popular, especially among the urban youth of the country.

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