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We can all say we suffer to a degree from what is referred to as thanatophobia.

The reasons why a partner might be scared to lose you are many. Lots of people, again, fear losing their partner, if not all of us. Still, not many thoroughly understand it or know for sure what it stems from.

It can be compelling for some individuals, causing them to concentrate specifically on being afraid of that loss. For these people, it can be related to a previous rejection or a past traumatic loss, or even magnified personal insecurities.

Perhaps this partner is not necessarily treating you the best, and rightfully should leave, but there’s a part of you that holds tight, refusing to let go. Why? Comfortability, familiarity?

I would let go – would you? Everyone is different, expresses loss differently, and experiences it uniquely. It has a whole other meaning for each of us as individuals.

Some are terrified of it and avoid it at all costs; others are stronger and can withstand it. What does it mean? It’s subjective, really.

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