The Ethiopian woman who broke Tiktok’s record

Despite the Emperor’s humiliation by the Marxist Leninist Communist Government in 1974, and the unjustified echo of their slander by the international press, history has proved that Emperor Haile Selassie was, indeed, a great man who had left his undeniable mark on his country, as well as on Africa, the Caribbean, and on the rest of the world. Thus, we are gathered here today to celebrate his achievements and to find ways and means by which to carry forward his legacy.

20th Century, by granting a modern Constitution by which his people are to be governed; by promoting education, and modern health care so that they may benefit from advancements in the world; by establishing a central judicial system that is removed from political interference; by instituting a modern Banking system and centralized Taxation to bring them up to world standard; and by establishing the Ethiopian Telecommunication Authority and Ethiopian Airlines to give his people exposure to the modern world.
Above all, we are proud to honor him for abolishing slavery in Ethiopia; for the role that he played in defending and securing Ethiopia’s independence; for his magnanimity in giving immediate amnesty to the remnant of the Fascist Army; for his distinguished advocacy in standing up for collective security at the League of Nations; for his steadfastness in giving support and encouragement to Leaders of African Liberation Movements, such as Jomo Kenyata, Julius Neyrere, and Nelson Mandela; for his leadership in establishing The Organization of African Unity which even today remains as the African Union with its Headquarters still in Addis Ababa; and also for his remarkable contribution as a mediator in conflict resolution in Africa.

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