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The easiest way for a girl to come to you

Most women want to have a splendid relationship, one that will hopefully end in a “happily ever after”. But sometimes, even after putting a lot of effort into a relationship, we find that things aren’t working out well or in our favor and then we begin to wonder why. Apart from mistakes that women make in relationships which they know and may try to correct, there are some mistakes that they are completely unaware of. As a result, there is no way they can work on correcting them.

In order for your relationship to be healthy and happy, then you need to identify these mistakes you are making unknowingly and work on correcting them
Inheritance is usually patrilineal in nature and sons inherit more valuable properties and other items than daughters. Children are raised by the mother and other female members of the extended family including elder female siblings.

Education is often more accessible to boys than girls as the traditional Ethiopian society believe that girls are less competent and that education is wasted on them.

Elderly are treated with great respect in a traditional Ethiopian society. Greetings are elaborate and include kissing on cheeks and exchange of other pleasantries. Hands must be washed before meals as most meals are had with hands. Guests are first served and it is customary for the guests to initiate the eating.
Even as individuals, we feel happy when a person appreciates our efforts. It could be a simple thank you from your boss or a well done from your parents. Such comments definitely bring a smile to your face.

The same thing applies to your relationships. Don’t just overlook your man’s effort and say “It’s his duty to do it”. Make an effort on your own part to show him that he has done well and you appreciate him.

Also, you must be genuine in your appreciation. You should mean every word you say and every expression you make. Apart from appreciating his efforts, you should also learn to appreciate him for who he is as a person.

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