The amazing story of the young woman who made many cry

That’s the definition, but how can you have more confidence and present yourself confidently to others, including potential attackers? At Mace Brand, we believe personal safety should always be top of mind. Empowerment not only comes from confidence, it also comes from the feeling of knowing you’re prepared for anything.

Our guest blogger, Kelly Sayre from The Diamond Arrow Group, guides us through practical tips on how to feel confident, and makes the connection between personal safety and body language.
Remember that building your self-confidence takes time. Everyone has struggled with their self-confidence at some point in their life. It’s not just you! Start building your confidence by picking one habit to practice every day. As you get better at the one habit, let the sense of accomplishment propel you to take the next step.

No matter who you are or where you are starting from, you can do this. By using your fears as motivation to better yourself, you build resilience too. You know you have overcome challenges in the past, and you will overcome challenges in the future. When you carry yourself with that knowledge, you will shine with confidence.

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