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On the way to the venue for the next ceremony, the camera and video team take pictures and videos of the ‘road party.’ The bridal car takes the lead, and all the other cars follow. All the vehicles have flowers hanging out of their windows, and everyone inside sings traditional wedding songs. Everyone then stops off at a picturesque garden to take wedding photos for around an hour.

Knee kissing is the next step in an Ethiopian cultural wedding. After the photo shoot, all the guests head to the hall where the wedding ceremony will take place. At the entrance, the great-grandparents and grandparents (dressed in cultural clothes) of the couple sit waiting for them to arrive. On arrival, the bride and groom walk up to them, thank them and bow down to kiss their feet. The great-grandparents and grandparents then give the couple their blessings. The parents, if nearby, also bless the couple. The couple then walks into the hall.
The Wedding Lunch

As the couple makes their grand entrance, their candle girls, flower girls, bridesmaids and groomsmen lead them in with traditional songs. All the guests get up and greet the couple. The flower girls lead the procession, dropping colorful flower petals for the couple to walk on. After the couple has greeted all their guests, they walk to a corner of the hall where their seating area has been prepared. Traditional songs fill the room as the bride and groom make their way through the guests.

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