The amazing baby shower

Close family and friends, a relatively more minor guest will attend the ceremony. The ceremony is the bride cutting a Difo Dabo or bread and her mother-in-law or the groom’s mother giving her nicknames or ye Dabo sem to show how much she is valued in the household.

The nicknames range from funny to awe-worthy showing the mother’s level of creativity and kind heart. It will also be used to remember the day and the memories lived up.

Now, Kelekel is considered a redo of the main Ethiopian wedding itself. Early in the morning, the bride and Groom will call their troops of bridesmaids and groomsmen, hunt for a big sheep, and head to the bride’s parents’ house, sometimes the groom’s.

Again following the bidding of the name, Kelekel /gathering/ each side of the families will call their relatives and friends for a meet and greet. Everyone who couldn’t attend the formal wedding will find a way to come to this ceremony.

Everyone will be introduced to everyone while dining on the sheep that was hunted for earlier that day.

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