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Rebelling against the status quo whenever she sensed injustice, Meaza’s interest in human rights issues began at a very young age. Refusing to chant a slogan one time and to cook for male students in a camp at another, she was arrested on two different occasions for exercising what she believed in.

Later on, Meaza studied law at Addis Ababa University and served as a judge at the High Court of Ethiopia for three years. This opened her eyes to the inequality and injustice women face in the implementation of the law, which led to her establishing the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA). Since it opened its doors, EWLA has appointed lawyers to women for free and provided free legal counseling and related services to over 100,000 women. The association has handled high profile cases involving child marriage and other harmful traditional practices.

It is rare to hear the voice of a female captain grace the speakers of an Ethiopian airplane. It’s the voice of Amsale Gualu, whose name will go down in history as the first female captain in Ethiopia and the sixth female pilot in the country. Her lifelong love of flying began when her father took her and her siblings to airports every week for the sheer fun of watching planes take off and land.

As a college student studying architecture, Amsale took an entrance exam to join the aviation industry but failed. As a senior, she gave the exam one more try and passed with flying colors.
Not yet convinced of her acting or writing skills at a young age, Meaza never thought that she would one day own a radio station that is cherished by so many. When an opportunity presented itself for her to be part of a radio drama, Meaza had a eureka moment – this was the career that spoke to her heart. She says the strong love of reading she inherited from her father has been a great pillar for her career.

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