Teddy Afro new song “Addis Ababa”

Tewodros Kassahun, better known as Teddy Afro, is an Ethiopian popular singer and songwriter. Tewodros is one of the greatest artists in Ethiopian musical history and arguably the best singer in contemporary Ethiopia. Teddy Afro is a great inspiration and model to many emerging youth artists in the Ethiopian music industry. Teddy is well known for his reggae and Ethiopian pop music. More importantly, he gained fame due to the powerful messages he conveys in his songs. From patriotism to politics, Teddy addresses his uplifting and influential sentiments to his listeners. In his political songs, Teddy brutally criticized and critiqued the leading government in his country for political suppression and corruption.
Ethiopia is most well known for its success in athletics, especially in running. Football is also a popular sport in the country. The national football team of Ethiopia won the 1962 African Cup of Nations. Basketball is played by a large number of Ethiopians. Stick fighting is one of the most popular traditional Ethiopian games.

Traditionally, Ethiopian men have enjoyed greater authority and status in society than women. Men are involved in carrying out the labor-intensive tasks like plowing, harvesting, herding, construction of homes, trading of goods, etc. Women are responsible for managing the household work and for children. The traditional gender roles have got somewhat blurred in modern-day Ethiopia, especially in the urban areas. Many women now work outside the home.
Besides his dominance in his native country’s music industry, Teddy has also gained international fame as his fifth album broke record sales by topping the Billboard World Albums chart in May 2017. Moreover, Teddy’s music is well celebrated among the 2 million diaspora Ethiopians living abroad.

Furthermore, owing to his frequent use of roots-reggae rhythms, many Ethiopians regard Tewodros as the Ethiopian Bob Marley. Amplifying the assertion, Tewodros appeared at the 60th-anniversary concert for Bob Marley and performed alongside the other Marleys.

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