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Simple home made facial cream

Most of you will agree with me that shop-bought skin creams and moisturizers are very expensive. But did you know that natural homemade face cream is often better for your skin, or that it’s actually very simple to make at home, and comes at a fraction of the price?

Similar to the very popular homemade wrinkle cream, the cream below is great for all skin types, even sensitive skin. It’s also non-greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin. I often apply my basic face cream after using my homemade anti-aging serum or facial oil as it helps it penetrate the skin more quickly and eliminates the oiliness.

I will start by showing you how to make my basic anti-aging cream for mature skin, which although I call it basic, is still very luxurious! But keep reading, because after that I have 8 more excellent face cream recipes, I hope you enjoy these, I loved them all!

Face creams replenish moisture for the skin, as well as helping to lock it in so that our skin looks fresher and more supple for longer. Furthermore, as they are emulsions, they are amazing carriers for a whole range of different botanical and synthetic ingredients that can be fantastic for our skin.

Glycerites, tinctures, macerated oils, extracts of all kinds, emollients, silicones, esters, humectants and so on can all be used here. Without the use of a solubilizer, the emulsion is the only moisturizing product that can use both water and oil-soluble ingredients together.
Furthermore, the combination of water and oil makes a face cream relatively lightweight. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t need or doesn’t like heavy skin care products. However, there is a lot of scope to be able to customize your emulsions – meaning you can make them as heavy or as light as you want.

This means that no matter your skin type, you will always be able to tweak your homemade face cream recipes to suit your skin type. This is not always the case with gel moisturizers and anhydrous formulas (facial balms & crème).

To learn more about formulating all types of moisturizers, take a look at my new DIY face moisturizers course where I go into more detail and show you how to make them all, and make them your own! This could be the first step on a journey to ridding yourself of store-bought products, full of unwanted chemicals and undelivered promises!

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