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She married him to make me jealous

While it is a good idea to have choices when it comes to men, keep in mind that you are not shopping for a couch. Going out with too many guys can bombard you with multiple impressions, leaving you confused and in a haze. So decide on your expectations from a relationship and what you just cannot do without in a partner. Then date only those guys who meet your essential requirements with perhaps a margin of relaxation or two. At the same time don’t keep thinking you have unlimited options in your life. No sooner than you decide that this is a nice guy, than you begin to wonder if there is somebody better out there. The longer you look around, the more likely you are to remain dissatisfied.

Today online dating and social networking sites have emerged as invaluable tools for finding a partner. While you could make use of your profile on these sites to attract the kind of dates you want, giving out too much information about yourself could however have an adverse effect. Guys are attracted to a bit of mystery in their women. So if you want to retain a potential partner’s interest, tell him just enough to tease his curiosity but hold enough back to make him want to know more.

With the help of online dating sites, a woman is able to know a good deal about the objective traits of a guy even before she has met him. You might want to date guys with certain kind of height, income and taste in music. However unless you meet him in person, if is difficult to know about his subjective qualities like kindness to others and loyalty to friends. So instead of being too choosy about whom to go out with, give men a chance to prove their inner worth too.

Not caring enough about your appearance

When you are looking for a partner, you cannot be too careful about your looks. While this does not mean that you have to copy Ashley Greene’s wardrobe on her Twilight promotional tour, it would vastly help if you could appear well groomed with a personal style that suits you. Not all women are born with an impeccable fashion sense or more importantly a bank balance that allows such indulgence, but making the most of your looks and resources may be worth the effort if you are looking to attract the right kind of man.

While the need to get the jerk out of your system is understandable, there is a time and place for such negative expressions against a former partner. If your current date notices that you keep ranting against your ex, he will deduce, and correctly too, that you still haven’t got over your past relationship and therefore emotionally not yet ready for a new one. After this realization, there is little that he is going to have to do with you unless you display signs of emotional maturity and let go of the past.

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