Sayat Demissie good work

Sayat began her modeling career at age 17. She placed in the top 20 in the 2004 Ethiopian Beauty Queens. Sayat entered the film industry in 2006 film Sara while working with Tilahun Zewege. She acted in films such as Laundry Boy, Selanchi (2009), Adamt (2013) and German film Der weiße Äthiopier (2015). Afterwards, Sayat began a musical career after releasing her album Kifel Sost Volume 1, containing her hit “Tew Maneh”. In 2011, she released “Hasabun Mesrek”. After a hiatus, Sayat released a comeback track titled “Eskesher” on 1 November 2019.

The music and dance heritage of Ethiopia reflects the diversity of cultures residing in the country. The music is generally less rhythmic and more reed and string-based than that in other parts of Africa. Some of the common traditional musical instruments used to produce Ethiopian music are the krar (a six-stringed lyre), negarit (a kettle drum), washint (a simple flute), etc. In the urban areas, hip-hop, jazz, pop, and other forms of contemporary music are more popular, especially among the urban youth of the country.

Ethiopia is most well known for its success in athletics, especially in running. Football is also a popular sport in the country. The national football team of Ethiopia won the 1962 African Cup of Nations. Basketball is played by a large number of Ethiopians. Stick fighting is one of the most popular traditional Ethiopian games.

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