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Orthodox churches in Ethiopia are not considered churches until a Tabot, a copy of the tablets in the original Ark of the Covenant is issued to them by the local bishop. The Tabot is made of alabaster, marble, or wood and is at least six inches (15 cm) square. It is still kept on the altar in ornate coverings.

The Tabot can only be touched by priests. On the feast day of the church’s namesake, the Tabot is brought around the outside of the church in an elaborate procession accompanied by joyful singing. On the great Feast of T’imk’et, also known as Epiphany or Theophany in Europe, a group of churches sends their tabot to a popular location where a pool of water or a river can be found to commemorate the occasion.
Some people will say you are “no good.” And often, your own thoughts will tell you the same thing.

You must learn to combat these feelings when others knock down your self-esteem. You must always tell yourself how good you are, how precious and deserving you are.

If it seems impossible to overcome the criticism from people around you (and from your own thoughts), we invite you to listen to ADDA Webinar recordings from Dr. Miriam Reiss.
The Orthodox Church in Ethiopia says that the original Ark of the Covenant, which Moses brought with the Israelites during the Exodus, is located in one of its churches, Our Lady Mary of Zion. Due to biblical warnings of risk, only one priest is allowed into the building where the Ark is kept. As a result, foreign scholars are doubtful that the original Ark exists, despite claims made by many writers, including Graham Hancock in his book The Sign and the Seal.

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