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Family rituals can offer a set time for families to get together and give each other the attention needed. A family ritual is simply a time that is set aside on a regular basis for a family to get together. This can mean having dinner together, celebrating a holiday together, going to church together, or going for a walk together. It is important that the family ritual be predictable and that other activities are not allowed to upset it.

Family rituals help define who we are as a family. It allows time for the family to get together, to share experiences with one another, and to reconnect with each other. Knowing that the family will have time together can help us deal with those times when we are apart. Even though parents may work, children can know that each evening, each weekend (or whenever works for your family) they will have some ― “special time” with you.

Every child is special and every child needs some special time when he can have his parent all to himself.

Giving your child some “special time” helps develop a close relationship with your child. If you can make it a predictable ritual, your child can depend on it — and look forward to this time with you. Be sure that this ” special time” is not easily interrupted by other activities. For example, don’t answer the phone during this time.
“You” messages should be discouraged because they often lead to bad feelings and increased fighting. ― “You” messages seldom resolve the problem.
Encourage all family members to share their thoughts and feelings.

Strong families allow all family members — no matter how young or small — to talk about their thoughts and feelings. This does not mean that members are not respectful of one another, but rather that feelings and ideas are respected.

Everyone should be expected to express themselves in appropriate ways — such as with ― “I” messages. When people feel heard and respected, they feel better about themselves, are more open to solving problems, and are more likely to allow others to express themselves.

Strong families spend time together.

In today’s busy world it can be difficult for families to find time to be together. All relationships need attention — and this includes the family as a whole.

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