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Artworks from Ethiopia can and should be contextualized within the country’s historical development. Scholars still disagree on how to divide and classify the development of Christian Ethiopian art into chronological phases. In this essay, the development of Christian Ethiopian art is broadly divided into the eight periods listed below, but it must be kept in mind that the dates for the earlier periods are still debated and we have very limited evidence prior to the early Solomonic period (1270-1527).

A fantastic speech by Pastor Chere. Everybody experiences certain physiological reactions, such as racing hearts and shaky hands. Do not connect these emotions with the fear of performing poorly or embarrassing oneself. Not all nerves are bad. You become more aware and better prepared to perform at your best as a result of the adrenaline rush that causes you to sweat.

Think about the audience for your message before you start to write it. As much as you can, find out who your listeners are. This will help you choose the right words, level of information, style of organization, and “why” statement.

Be genuine and avoid turning into a talking head in all forms of communication. Your credibility will increase if your personality comes through, and your audience will believe you more if they can relate to you on a personal level. The interpersonal relationship is harmed when someone reads from a script or PowerPoint. By maintaining eye contact, you can keep the audience’s attention on you and your message. A quick outline might help you stay focused and stimulate your memory.

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