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If you’re disconnected from yourself, you can’t have a deep connection with anyone else – let alone to the man you love (or the man you’re about to meet).

Living from a Fear Paradigm or Lack Cycle is more about avoiding loss in some way, rather than moving TOWARDS the love life of your dreams.

For example, when we live from a place of fear or lack we tend to ask ourselves (often unconsciously), “In what way am I most likely to lose?” – rather than, “In what way am I most likely to win?”

So much of the time we’re expecting things that might cause us pain or loss to happen. In a way we’re almost WAITING for disappointment or resistance to show up.

We think that anticipating things that might hurt us and trying to avoid them will keep us safe, but it usually doesn’t work out that way. This underlying energy is the way most people are living their lives.

Switching out of the Fear Paradigm or Lack Cycle is one of the most life-changing things you can do – and it’s actually the KEY to connecting with a man’s heart and having the relationship you want.

When you get out of this cycle and step INTO your empowered feminine energy, which involves trusting that things are always working out for you – and knowing that you CAN have the love and connection you desire – you won’t be concerned about “how” it’s going to happen.
This is the ultimate TRUST – and as you may already know, trusting and allowing are two very important feminine energy qualities that are crucial to connecting with a man’s heart and creating the relationship of your dreams.

You want to connect to your true self every day by creating habits that support you in going deeper into yourself – so you can begin trusting, allowing and receiving from a man (and in other areas of your life!).

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