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Men’s lies and ways to reverse them

If the girl manages to withstand all these challenges and graduates from college, she will be received with yet another mistreatment at her place of employment. Most Ethiopian men don’t show the appropriate respect to women. Men in Ethiopia are still unsure if a woman can think, work and serve equally with a man. Only few Ethiopians consider women for other purposes than sex tools. Many women in Ethiopia are raped and abused by their employers. Reporting of rape assault to the police is unusual and considered a taboo. Touching the body of a woman, assaulting, pinching and sometimes beating a woman is yet to be considered a criminal offence in Ethiopia.
Some men involved in the physical assault of women expect the victim to be pleased with their act and perhaps Ethiopia is the country hosting large number of such vagrants. Such practice is considered normal in rural parts of the country and the rural men reflect their habit when coming to urban areas.

A woman, who is the victim of a rape assault, will be subjected to several stages of humiliation starting from the police. Most police officers originate from rural areas and they treat the victim in light of the culture and tradition they were raised in.
Though the government claims to be encouraging the equality of women, there are no women officials in the key positions of the government. Though the number of women MPs is increasing, the Ethiopian parliament is no more than a rubberstamp and is not seen engaging in a meaningful acts. Though Ethiopia is a federal state, there has been no regional state headed by a woman.

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