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This is a traditional Ethiopian wedding; everyone takes part, even those in foreign lands who couldn’t come to the wedding physically.

This part of a wedding is where the music stops, and the DJs start listing every congratulatory message from worldwide. Those who couldn’t join in on the fun for reasons of their own but still wish the newlyweds happiness and success in the new chapter they have begun!

Yes, after the breathtaking day we had, it is time to seal things into place with a wedding band and lots of applause. The people being celebrated will be a fiancee and wife/husband on the same day in hours because here in Ethiopia, both the engagement and the wedding just so happens to be on the same day.

Rings will be exchanged, vows will be stated, and the newlyweds will cut the cake, then everyone in the audience will cheer, not just for the cake but because the cutting is considered the first task they did as newlyweds.

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