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It has been stated that the fact that Ethiopia has shamed the bodies that have been trying to tarnish its name until recently and reversed the challenge it faced and hosted this international conference is a sign that it is a country with a strong identity.

The Government Communication Service said that despite strong campaigns to prevent this conference from being held in Ethiopia, it was possible to secure Ethiopia’s hosting role and launch the conference successfully through strong diplomatic work and mature leadership.

It is said that it will create an opportunity for the audience of the international conference to see and testify that Ethiopia is a multi-hope country that is beyond temporary problems.

It is also stated that it is a convenient platform for exchange of experiences and connections for entities and entrepreneurs engaged in information and communication technology, where useful experiences of different countries are presented.

Therefore, it is said that every citizen is required to prove his country’s ambassadorship by hosting the guests attending this international conference in the usual Ethiopian hospitality culture.
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As usual, Ethiopia will continue to strengthen its experience of successfully hosting international conferences – Government Communication Service

Addis Ababa, November 2022, Ethiopia will continue to strengthen its practice of successfully hosting international conferences as usual, according to the Government Communication Service.

The 17th International Internet Management Conference has started today in Addis Ababa.

The service said that this conference, which will be attended by representatives of many countries, is being held in Ethiopia at this time to build Ethiopia’s image and for the field of diplomacy.

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