I Lost My Mother On Easter Day…Holiday Eve Game With Zebiba and Dibekulu

Zebiba Girma‘s ,Yamal Qenew, is among the New Ethiopian Music released in August 2020. So far it has got over 10 million hits.

The previous Jano-band entertainer Dibekulu Tafesse was enlivened to turn into an artist in the wake of hearing his uncle perform with legends. He saw his uncle, keyboardist and musician Araya Woldemichael, play in the Thousand years Band with Abegaz and Henok and renowned specialists like Aster Got up and Tilahun Gessese. He was additionally enlivened by prominent Ethiopian performers like Tesfaye Gebre, Girma Beyene, Tilahun Gessese, and Mohammud Ahmed, as well as John Legend, Al Green, and Marvin Gaye.

In the start of his melodic profession, he was an individual from the musical crew Jano Band. They made their presentation on the Ethiopian music scene in 2011 with the arrival of their notable collection “Ertale,” which highlighted the hit tune “Ayrak,” in which he partook as a lead vocalist. He has proceeded to seek after a performance profession in music starting around 2020.

Jano Band had the option to go far and even stage overall visits with exhibitions in nations including Sweden, the US, the Netherlands, Italy, and the Center East. They were the main band from Ethiopia to show up on Coke Studio Africa. “There were a ton of obstacles we confronted when we originally entered the music business, especially given the condition of the business in Ethiopia, however the melodic practice there and the kind of music we created expanded our enthusiasm for what we do.”

Dibekulu and Zebiba

Fan remarks filled of enthusiasm and appreciation for the music he makes empower and build the energy and trust he as of now has, he says, depicting the inclination he gets from the positive criticism fans have given him. Dibekulu is satisfied to have been an individual from Jano Band since he had an extraordinary 10 years with them and they made a great deal of progress in the music business and enlivened an age of youngsters with their two collections.

The individuals from the band all found a way the way to send off their own performance professions. Dibekulu says that being an independent craftsman and being in a band are totally different in numerous ways. “As a band, you should manage the difficulties and troubles that you experience all in all. In any case, when you work alone, you have greater adaptability to put yourself out there since you need to go with a ton of choices all alone.”

Because of the halfway lockdowns brought about by the Coronavirus plague in Ethiopia, Dibekulu set out on his most memorable performance experience. He began chipping away at his collection, affected by specialists like Marvin Gaye and John Legend. He was likewise impacted by the profound Tigrayan social music played by Kiros Alemayehu, Yemane Araya, and Tsehaytu Maraki. His most memorable single, Yelibe Zema, which is in Tigrigna, was motivated by them and delivered half a month prior to the collection.

Dibekulu had a deep rooted fantasy about having the option to make music like these performers and attempted to integrate their persuasions. The record was finished by him and his team quite a long time back however was rarely unveiled. The delivery was deferred on the grounds that, as indicated by him, “the continuous conflict along with a grouping of occasions caused us to verify that it wasn’t the legitimate second for the delivery.”

The melodies on the collection, which incorporate joint efforts with artists like Lij Michael, Dess, and Compliant One, were as of late recorded. “They were tunes that satisfied me the collection discharge was postponed.” most of the tracks on the collection Yetu Gar Neh, which was delivered on January 6, 2023, by Dynamic First light Sight and sound, were composed and created by Yilma Gebreab and Yamlu Molla.

Dibekulu plans to continue to deal with the music recordings for his collection’s tunes. He likewise desires to keep performing live and delivering collections and melodies however long he is capable. That’s what he contends albeit a few performers make music for monetary profit, there are still some who do it since they like it. As far as he might be concerned, it’s tied in with leaving an impression in this country’s melodic climate and having the longing and ability to impact others.

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