I have received threats from bishops….. What is the truth behind Dr. Emebet’s speech?

An old Christian dominion is resurging in Ethiopia today under Top state leader Abiy Ahmed. This old vision vows to bind together Ethiopia and reestablish its heavenly greatness. Be that as it may, it seems, by all accounts, to be breaking Ethiopia and energizing disastrous affliction.

Its center conviction is that Ethiopia is a Christian country made and bound by God for significance under Christian initiative. Today it is supercharging hostility and hushing basic voices requiring the finish of war, certifiable discourse, and a comprehensive Ethiopia where different individuals can have a place together.

Understanding Ethiopia’s strict history is significant for grasping the intricacy of Ethiopia’s contentions and possibilities for harmony today. Investigations of Ethiopia frequently underestimate or overlook religion, yet an expected 98 percent of Ethiopians say religion is “vital” to them. Ethiopia’s last evaluation assessed that 43.5 percent of Ethiopians distinguish as Customary Christian, 33.9 percent as Muslim, and 18.6 percent as Protestant. At the point when you disregard religion in Ethiopia, you neglect to figure out one of the most impressive wellsprings of inspiration — and control — in Ethiopian culture.

Before 1974, Ethiopia was a Christian domain for a very long time.

Ruler Ezana, who ruled from approximately 320 to 360 A.D., changed over Ethiopia’s Axumite state to Conventional Christianity around 330 A.D. Ezana recently named himself the “child” of the conflict god Mahrem, This was a typical approach to guaranteeing distant heavenly status in old realms known as “sacral majesty.” Ezana then, at that point, professed to be the “worker of Christ” and worked in “ensemble” with Ethiopia’s most memorable Abune or Patriarch Frumentius to change over his domain. Success and evangelism then extended the domain toward the south for quite a long time as Customary heads worked as “cleric rulers” over chapel and state. Lalibela and Gondar — known as Africa’s Jerusalem and Camelot — are noteworthy capitals of this Customary magnificent extension.

Being Standard, then, at that point, characterized personality and having a place in magnificent Ethiopia for over 1,000 years. This character was shown by being purified through water, getting a Standard name, and wearing the dark baptismal string around one’s neck.

Obviously, Ethiopia has additionally been home to Islam tracing all the way back to the hour of Prophet Muhammad (570-632). This set of experiences of shared conjunction among Christians and Muslims is rich and ought to be based on. However, the story isn’t really basic — as Ethiopia’s regal annals uncover.

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