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Any form of exercise, no matter how great or small, is beneficial for both physical and mental health,” says Silverstone. “Regular exercise also helps you build confidence in your ability to be active, while setting a challenge with mini goals along the way lets you experience the wonderful feeling of accomplishment.”

Stay connected. It’s not as easy to venture out and interact with people as you age, and this is even harder when you feel less confident. Yet studies show that personal connections help reduce the risks for depression and anxiety often associated with feelings of low self-esteem.

Lack of confidence can make socializing a challenge, so Silverstone suggests volunteering — for instance, with a hospital or as a tutor for children. “Choose something you enjoy that also provides personal interaction and gives you a chance to use your available skills.”

Another option is to create your own men’s group. For example, organize a weekly or monthly gathering of your friends. “This type of group dynamic is great because many men share the same issues, like health problems or changes in financial status,” says Silverstone.

Working through these issues helps you feel less alone in your own struggles. “A men’s group also can recreate the social world of the workplace, which many men found a stimulating and confidence-boosting environment,” says Silverstone.

Seek help. Group therapy or one-on-one counseling can help you work through obstacles that affect confidence. “Never be afraid to seek professional help when you need it,” says Silverstone. “Help is always a good thing.”

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