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Walid Regragui began his football career with Corbel-Essonnes, a youth team in the French amateur league.
His performance in the team’s defensive line has brought him into the eyes of the head coach of Corbel-Isonnes Club, Rudy Garcia.

Regragui’s childhood friend, Azdin Us, said: “We will play in the competition in Montconcel on Saturday, the day before the amateur club plays on Sunday. We play for three or four hours and we learn the fundamentals and values ​​of football.” They remember the situation at that time.

This bibliography focuses on visual arts, namely painting, architecture, sculpture, engravings, and, to a degree, textiles, produced within the Ethiopian region (now divided into Ethiopia and Eritrea) during the long period from the rock art of the Holocene era to contemporary art. In the northern part of this area, people of South Arabia developed important settlements during the first millennium BCE. There, the Aksumite kingdom flourished from the 1st century BCE until the 7th century CE, and was Christianized in the 4th century
King of King of Ethiopia, expanded the southern part of his country, doubling its size. Limited bibliographical information is presented here for artistic productions in this part of this modern nation. In fact, the geographic areas covered by this bibliography vary according to the period. For prehistoric art, we give examples in the whole Horn of Africa, which is the scale at which the specialists of this region are working. To follow the historical evolution of the Ethiopian political space, production within what is now Eritrea is sometimes included, particularly for Aksumite and medieval times, but this bibliography cannot be considered comprehensive for more recent arts in Eritrea
One day, by chance, I went to see the Korbel-Isonnes junior team three; I looked at Regraguin, who had a physical presence, speed and skill with a strong personality; I took him to the main team and after playing for two years, he left the club of his own accord,’ said Rudy Garcia, who was the head coach of Korbel-Isonnes at the time, in his comments to the French daily newspaper Liberation in 2005.

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