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The evening and morning prayers are required to be done at church, with a special emphasis on Saturdays and Sundays.

All those who disregard their prayers, unless sick are to be cut off from the congregation of the faithful.

Even those who are sick must attempt to attend church, as they could be healed.

The rest of the prayers are to be done at home, but if one is in a place where they cannot pray, they should do it mentally.
With Juli Fitawrari, we sang Fikre Woye Woye. With 159 years of history and its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, Standard Bank has operations in 20 different African nations. With operations in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and South Sudan as well as a representative office in Ethiopia, the bank has already made a significant investment in East Africa.

“There are numerous success stories from other nations. Head of Standard Bank Representative Office in Ethiopia Taitu Wondwossen said, “We believe that we are in a unique position to support the government’s plans to bring more investments into the country through our client base on the continent and by helping them get the financing.”
It states that fasting is to refrain from food, and is done by the faithful at certain times to gain forgiveness for their sins and to be rewarded for it.

Fasting is said to weaken the body’s conscious force therefore the rational soul can observe God’s laws.

Fasting is strictly required by all those who are faithful to the Ethiopian church.

There are about 250 fasting days in a year, though these are not all required for everyone.

The average person can fast about 180 days a year.

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