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As reparation for the struggles bared, he will walk to his bride, lift the veils that embellish her face, and gift her with a kiss on her forehead and the bouquet she will be carrying for the entire wedding processions. Hand in hand, family, and friends behind them, the wedding band playing its best song as of yet they will walk out of the house and on to the waiting vehicles to the next stage of the jubilant festivities.

Any Ethiopian knows the worth of wedding photos and the importance we have attached to them as a society. So they begin as early as the earliest, a separate car will be prepared for the man in charge and his teammates. So on the way there, the video man will peek his head out of the window along with his gears risking his/her life to record each move the vehicles carrying the groom and bride to be made.

Everyone involved in the celebration will start honking their car horns and clicking their tongues against the upper part of the inside of their mouth in elelta at the end of every chorus sung. Any passer-by who sees the decorated cars or hears their noise from a mile away will stand on the sidelines and wish them good while waving to the camera in a subtle, Ethiopian manner!

When the car stops at its destination of the said cute sceneries, everyone will get off the car and head to the chosen space. The bride and Groom will start posing for the camera, switching motions at the sound every click of cry the camera makes. Everyone and everything will get photographed and turned into an eternal memory in the form of paper before everyone again climbs back into their cars to head to the next step of the Ethiopian wedding event.

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