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Are you seeking some self-confidence? Self-confidence can help us more easily reach our goals, stay motivated, and even boost our well-being.

In this article, we’ll define self-confidence, help you understand your current level of self-confidence, clarify the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem, and help you build your self-confidence. Plus, you’ll discover some upsides of low self-confidence and a few self-confidence quotes.

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approve of, or value yourself (Mruk, 1995). Others have defined self-confidence as a person’s sense of his or her own competence and perceived capability to deal effectively with various situations—for example, performance, appearance, romantic relationships, and social interactions (Cheng & Furnham, 2002). Broadly speaking, self-confidence can be thought of as the way in which we think about our abilities.​

It is thought that a self-confident person can rise to new challenges, take advantage of new opportunities, and deal with challenges or difficulties. They know they can handle life. They may also be more self-motivated, likely to pursue goals, and successful at manifesting—and why not? They believe they have what it takes to succeed. That’s why confidence is such a valuable characteristic and one most of us likely want to build.

What is the opposite of self-confidence?
If we are lacking in self-confidence, we may feel insecure, self-doubting, unsure, and self-conscious. Rather than approaching new situations, it may be our instinct to withdraw for fear of failure, ridicule, or incompetence. So we may also be shy, nervous, and apprehensive. On a more positive note, if we are lacking confidence we are also unlikely to be arrogant, egotistical, or assuming. So low confidence—just like high confidence—is associated with many positive qualities.

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