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Ephrem Seyum

His work with form and content changed everything about Ethiopian poetry and made it possible for a new generation of young poets to bring Addis’ literary scene back to life. The 39-year-old’s project, which consists of translations from Ge’ez to Amharic as well as short stories and plays, is influenced by his interest in the nation’s ancient lyrical and literary traditions. Menna Asrat of EBR met with Efrem to learn more about his creative process and sources of inspiration. One of Ethiopia’s oldest and best-known artistic genres is poetry. The literary genre was mastered by several artists. Efrem Seyoum is one of the best-known poets in the nation, despite there being many of them. Efrem’s writings have been a pillar of the literary world for the past twenty years with works like Nu Gedgeda Inafris (Come, Let Us Tear Down Walls), which is widely read throughout the nation. Efrem, who was born in Addis Ababa, thought about his writing career while he was relaxing at the Ras Amba Hotel’s terrace café near Kebena in the Arada District. Efrem appears remarkably commonplace as he blends in with the other citizens of the city while giving it his signature thousand-yard gaze. It would be difficult for onlookers to recognize him as the literary world’s darling.
the poet Ephrem Seyoum’s covert way of existence. Ephrem Seyum, one of the greatest poets still active in Ethiopia, is interviewed. One of Ethiopia’s greatest living poets is Efrem Seyoum. Both his fans and his detractors eagerly wait for each of his works, and as soon as they come out, booksellers and merchants sell out of copies.

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