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Ethiopia Orthodox Church has survived long in the history of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is one of the ancient Christian countries in the world. It is said that Ethiopia is the second country to accept the old testament next to Israel and the first to accept the new testament. The old testament tells the journey of Queen of Sheba (Queen Makda) to Jerusalem to visit King Solomon.

This paved the way for the introduction of the old testament to Ethiopia. Minilik I, the son of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba brought the Ark of the Covenant to Ethiopia. Since then Judaic beliefs and practices like animal sacrifice become the norm of the people following the religion. As a witness, altars are found in some monasteries of the country.

In the fourth century, Christianity became the official religion in the Aksumite empire. It was at the reign of the two emperors, Ezana and Syzana (also called Abraha and Atsbaha) through St. Fremnatos (also known Abba Selama), who was consecrated by St. Athanasius of Alexandria. King Ezana replaced the sign of the moon on coins with a cross sign and became the first sovereign to engrave the sign of the cross on coins. The Ethiopia Orthodox church was further strengthened by the arrival of the nine saints, who came from Syria, Constantinople, and Rome.

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Their names were Abba Gerima, Abba Aregawi, Abba Aftse, Abba Pantelewon, Abba Guba, Abba Alef, Abba Liqanos, Abba Yem’ata, Abba Aregawi, and Abba Sehma They translated several books including the Holy Bible from Greek to Ge’ez, they also founded a lot of monasteries such as the monastery of Debre Damo by Abba Aregawi, Abba Garima monastery by abba Garima, Pentalewon monastery in Axum by Abba Liqanos and Abba pentalewon. The rise of St. Yared in the 6th century, who founded the Ethiopic hymnody was a new era for the Ethiopian Orthodox church.

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