Birthday of Danawit Mekibeb

Famous journalist danayit mekbib amazed through her friends and family on her birthday. The precise date this video turned into taken isn’t recognized. We might also let you recognize or update the information when we observed out it. We are hoping you all recognize our commitment to serve you with the most
Many Ethiopian designers have begun to experiment with more modern styles, incorporating elements of global fashion into their designs. This has led to a growing number of Ethiopian fashionistas who are eager to experiment with new looks. While some traditionalists may be resistant to change, there is no doubt that Ethiopian fashion is evolving.
Traditional associations are the major sources of social welfare. There are many different types of social welfare programs in different parts of the country; these programs have religious, political, familial, or other bases for their formation. Two of the most prevalent are the iddir and debo systems.

An iddir is an association that provides financial assistance and other forms of aid for people in the same neighborhood or occupation and between friends or kin. This institution became prevalent with the formation of urban society. The main objective of an iddir is to assist families financially during times of stress, such as illness, death, and property losses from fire or theft. Recently, iddirs have been involved in community development, including the construction of schools and roads. The head of a family who belongs to an iddir contributes a certain amount of money every month to benefit individuals in times of emergency.

The most widespread social welfare association in rural areas is the debo. If a farmer is having difficulty tending his fields, he may invite his neighbors to help on a specific date. In return, the farmer must provide food and drink for the day and contribute his labor when others in the same debo require help. The debo is not restricted to agriculture but is also prevalent in housing construction.

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