Aster Aweke music video

Aster Aweke is an Ethiopian popular singer who is an icon in the Ethiopian music industry. She now has more than 250 songs and has so far released 26 albums, including her greatest hits album, Hagere (1999), and her latest, Fikir (2006). She is especially known for her emotive voice and her style of singing ballads in a mix of Tizita. Moreover, she is regarded as Ethiopia’s pop music diva and is arguably the most famous female singer in Ethiopia. Aster Aweke, now one of the most well-known singers in the nation, is even listed as the best Ethiopian singer of all time thanks to the wider public appeal of her voice. Aster’s songs never get old and they are still popular among young audiences. Aster’s success has helped Ethiopia’s music industry immensely and inspired other young female artists to take up the microphone.

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