An amazing story of a dog

Dogs being one of the most fascinated animals on the earth have always been very close to the heart of humans. Due to various reasons, dogs have proved themselves as intelligent, brave, loyal, gentle and obviously memorable companions. They are always intensely related to the success of mankind and society. They gave everything to help humans and work for our well being. Remember dogs are the only pet animals who can even give their life for the sake of owner. But discussing on this matter seems touchier when we listen to some amazing stories about some of these particular canines and their activities. So we have also shared some stories about famous dogs in this world for you all.

Amazing Dog Stories
1. Fido: One of the most famous dogs all over the world. This dog was born in Italy during the time of World War II. He was found injured and fighting with death by an owner who took Fido to his home and nursed him. A very strong loyalty was formed between the owner and Fido. It is known that every day, Fido would wait at the bus stop to receive his master. Unfortunately, one day his master was killed in a bomb blast. But everyday Fido went to the bus stop to receive his master for the next 14 years in case if his master stepped off the bus.

ou can almost get a short description by seeing the picture of this dog. Bud nelson is a dog who loved to wear goggles during his trip with his owner. His owner’s name was Horacio, and was the first man to cross America by car in 1903 with Bud Nelson along with him in his car. So, Bud was also the first dog to cross America by car.
These two were stray dogs with immense friendship. Around 1860, these pair became celebrities as the local journalists and reporters of San Francisco started writing about them on newspapers. Everything they done used to get printed on paper. But all of these were due to their friendship. They used to do everything together.

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