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It’s okay for you to want your man to do certain things for you, but you need to show appreciation when he does anything for you, regardless of how little it may seem. One of the keys to unlocking a man’s heart is by showing him appreciation (relationship hack 101).

Even as individuals, we feel happy when a person appreciates our efforts. It could be a simple thank you from your boss or a well done from your parents. Such comments definitely bring a smile to your face.

The same thing applies to your relationships. Don’t just overlook your man’s effort and say “It’s his duty to do it”. Make an effort on your own part to show him that he has done well and you appreciate him.
The varied climate of Ethiopia influences the dressing styles of its people. In the highland regions, cooler temperatures necessitate heavier clothing like wraparound blankets. In the lowlands, light cotton outfits are worn by the people to combat the summer heat. Some similarities are, however, observed in the clothing style of Ethiopians. Their clothes are almost entirely made of woven cotton. Men wear cotton pants and a white-collared, knee-length shirt. The women usually wear long white dresses of ankle-length with some colors above the lower hem. The dresses are called habesha kemis. Jewelry is worn to complete the look. Women, both Muslim and Christian, usually cover their head with a piece of cloth called sash. It is tied to the neck. A shawl called netela is worn by both men and women. It is draped in different styles depending on the occasion. While these traditional dresses are worn in everyday lives by the Ethiopians in rural areas, those in the cities wear Western-style clothing on a day-to-day basis. Traditional clothing is adorned by them on special occasions.

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