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That’s the definition, but how can you have more confidence and present yourself confidently to others, including potential attackers? Brand, we believe personal safety should always be top of mind. Empowerment not only comes from confidence, it also comes from the feeling of knowing you’re prepared for anything.

Our guest blogger, Kelly Sayre from The Diamond Arrow Group, guides us through practical tips on how to feel confident, and makes the connection between personal safety and body language.

The Diamond Arrow Group exists to help women feel empowered and confident to experience life on their own terms. The organization is based in Minnesota, and offers classes and online training in situational awareness, providing advice for how to have more confidence.
I’m willing to bet that you’ve heard about the importance of first impressions. Whether it be walking into the job interview, meeting a prospective client, or giving a presentation to a group of people (even virtually!). How you walk into the room, make eye contact, the tone of your voice, and how well you listen, can all have a huge impact on creating a positive first impression. When you have self-confidence, the vibe you give off makes people feel at ease because they believe you know what you are doing. No one wants to hire someone or work with someone who makes them question whether or not they’ll be able to do what they say they are going to do.

Potential attackers use these same observation techniques to select their victim, but in reverse. They are looking for someone who doesn’t appear to have self-confidence. Someone who is distracted or looks afraid. Attackers do not want to select someone who looks like they will make noise to alert others or someone who gives off the vibe, “not me, not today”.

So, you’ve committed to carrying yourself with confidence, but what exactly does that mean? Here are 10 tips for how to feel more confident that apply to your career AND your personal safety.

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