A woman who has suffered a lot in her married life

Ethiopian weddings follow both traditional and modern rituals. The families of both the bride and the groom have important roles in the preparations, as well as on the day of the ceremony. Men don either tuxedos or suits, while the bride wears a white wedding gown. Rituals vary slightly between subcultures.

Traditionally, arranged marriages were the norm. The tradition is become less and less practiced, though, particularly in urban area. In Ethiopia, it is common for the male’s family to present the female’s family with a dowry. The amount of the dowry depends on the wealth of both families. The dowry can include livestock or other valued items apart from money.

Wedding Plans
The elders of both families decide where the wedding will take place. Christian ceremonies usually take place in an Orthodox church. They also prepare the food and drink for the ceremony; the families will brew wine and beer, and cook the wedding food.

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